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Cryotherapy comes in many forms: it is the use of cold and freezing techniques to treat the body.

We here at K8 Aesthetics use cryotherapy to safely and effectively remove pigmentation, skin tags, warts, and Verruca .
Cryotherapy works by causing the water in the skin cells to freeze. As this happens the water expands and then fractures the frozen cell walls.

3 stages of the treatment

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Treatment process causes the cells to be injured by freezing. This causes an increase in blood flow to the area showing a reddening of the area. This happens immediately but usually settles within 60 minutes. On rare occasions, it may cause a blister. There may be some itching at this stage due to the release of histamine into the area.

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Within 24-48 hours after the treatment a small crust will form as the healing process continues

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Tissue Remodelling

As the cells come through to the surface of the skin they will be remodelled and appear as ‘normal skin’. This final process varies from person to person.

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  • Rapid process - Treatment only takes 1-2 minutes

  • Sterile- No incision or skin cutting, no bleeding.

  • Analgesic effect-extreme cold reduces pain perception due to nerve effects

  • Excellent results

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For more information on Cryotheraphy please contact us 

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